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After four years at Florida State University studying Psychology and Economics and working for the Men's Basketball program I left with a personal desire to find work where I could connect better with individuals and help my community in a more direct way. 


Graduating from the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville presented me with that opportunity. I am grateful for the reverence and the respect others have given me and am grateful to give what I've learned in the form of massage and bodywork.


I come from an athletic background whether it was football, baseball, golf, tennis, volleyball, yoga or excelling locally at basketball which I continue to play here in St. Augustine. That background taught me how to give focused effort along with a number of stretches and dynamic exercises which has a home within my massage practice. 


Good stories are central to life and the body tells a damn good one. Listening to those older and wiser is always interesting.


Before opening my own private office, working in the spa industry was a crash course on feel good work and relaxing the whole body. I am thankful for the opportunities to have applied my skills to every area of the body over and over again learning how to relax and provide functional therapeutic relief in an efficient manner. I practice in a personalized way that will be creatively enriching to myself and my clients. I give detailed work and enjoy leaving time to speak before and after the session. I have been in practice since 2017 and private practice since 2018.

Anatomically speaking, we are heart centered creatures. We are sensational beings. We feel our way, consciously or not, palpating the world from chest and gut, seeking confirmation of cues with our eyes, then head. To the extent that we see and feel our world so, is it any less ourself than flesh and bone? The sensations seeming within and the sensations seeming without have been prioritized in such a way as to imagine a separation where perhaps there is none. Breathing in, breathing out~.

-Gil Hedly

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