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My Approach to Bodywork

I apply neuro muscular trigger point therapy and work slow. Working this way allows us together as a team decide how an area is doing and if it needs more attention, more or less pressure or approached from a different direction. I was given the metaphor by Gil Hedley that giving a massage is like being a tour guide and my nature is to be a thorough listener as we go along the journey of discovering a more functional way of being in the world. I like to go slow that way we can let the details take shape and go off trail to look at something interesting if we like.


I believe the body is connected in a complex fashion and through the use of trigger points we can allow tension to unfurl and the nervous system to connect in a more efficient manner. It's almost like taking a crumpled up piece of paper and letting it return to the beautiful origami swan that it once was, able to move freely, gracefully and with strength.


I work with the well conditioned athlete, whether that be a mom of three, a grandmother of thirteen, the office pro, the steady gardener, the gym junkie or sport freaks young and old. I want to be able to help you get and keep moving the way you want, to do the things you love no questions asked. Connective tissue therapy with an influence of principals from Rolfing can help peel back the layers at the perfect pressure without creating more adhesions than we are taking away to get you moving right.


I have also studied Biodynamic Cranial Touch or Stillness Touch which is in the lineage of Cranial Sacral bodywork. With Stillness Touch we make a contact with the hands on the body and allow the nature of the hold to take place. It is about slowing way down and approaching each other in a neutral fashion. I am here to neither help nor hurt, to do or not do, nor to push anything into or receive anything from you. I am here to hang out while you lie down and I sit up and let what happens happen. There is no wrong in this space, whatever you are feeling and is feeling true to you is the truth I am prepared to honor. I want you to understand that you have the authority to change anything about the session and I will abide by that. Biodynamic Cranial Touch simply put is the laying on of the hands to allow a more perfect state in yourself to experience what ever it is you need and to come out more whole. We allow ourselves to interact and let the innate knowledge between us direct the contact and keep the hold.


While working together I believe it is important to understand that you are the one doing all the healing, it is your body's circulatory system providing new nutrients to newly opened tissue, your nervous system reestablishing connections, your trust to drop into a parasympathetic state and your ability to establish new habits and goals that lead to a feeling of well being. Like I said before I'm only the tour guide along for the ride.

It's not how deep you go, it's how you go deep.


-Ida Rolf

Massage Therapy

30 min  -  $45

60 min  -  $80

90 min  -  $110

Biodynamic Cranial Touch

45 min  -  $65

60 min  -  $80

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